<strong>Silica hazard removed and manual handling risks reduced</strong>
The Charcon Durakerb produced by Aggregate Industries is a kerb which aims to combine environmental, health, safety and commercial considerations.

The product is described as “a cost effective kerb for all applications but particularly suited to highway applications”.

The high density polymer kerb is made from 88% recycled materials the product itself is 100% recyclable and said to have a lower carbon footprint than alternative products.
Health and safety benefits
The safety through design benefits include:

Respirable crystalline silica hazard eliminated – the product is manufactured from high density polymer which removes any respirable crystalline silica (RCS) dust hazard during cutting operations. HSE will be undertaking an enforcement initiative on RCS in 2014; and
Manual handling risks reduced – the kerbs weigh 5.6kg which is well below weights at which HSE will insist on specific precautions for handling kerbs.

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