Manual Handling Course

Under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, employers are required to take appropriate steps to reduce the risk of injury to employees – this includes suitable training. This manual handling training course – Principles and Practice combines both the theoretical and hands-on elements of the subject and teaches learners techniques to lift, carry, push and pull objects safely within their individual capabilities.

Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

The most common causes for Manual Handling injuries vary depending on the type of injury sustained. However, some of the most common causes are:- Poor posture Heavy lifting or using excessive force Excessive repetition of a task Lack of time to recover from a task Twisting & stooping activity Pushing or pulling a loads over prolonged distance Reaching or lifting away from the body Standing or sitting in a static position without regular change in posture Person\’s own susceptibility to injury Around a third of all workplace accidents reported to the HSE are as a direct result of handling, lifting or carrying.


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